Debunking marijuana myths and stoner-lore

Marijuana has to be the most misunderstood psychoactive plant in the world. The herb has a rich yet turbulent history, dating back to the oldest civilizations, and has remained the most popular drug in the world for centuries.

Weed and all its wonderous compounds have a multitude of effects and applications, from being a recreational and medical aid to Hemp’s (cannabis’ cousin) potential as a source of renewable energy and sustainable building material.


Top Tips For Telling Quality Cannabis From Bad Cannabis

I don’t think your young adult years are complete until you’ve paid R20 for a bankie of actual grass from a parking attendant outside a bar.

After being burned, we switched to buying our late-night zol pre-rolled, but that’s a story for another day.

At that point in your life, you’re usually happy to smoke whatever comes your way, even if the quality is questionable, but you’re an adult now, and you deserve better.


Seth’s Cape Cannabis Club Strain Review: ‘Candy Store’

If you’re new to the gig, welcome – read this to see how the premium cannabis growing members club works.

As someone who likes to be creative, whilst getting into ‘the zone’ on my iPad, I opted for their sativa rich ‘Candy Store’ strain, as I had a lot of work to do. For the uninitiated, ‘sativa’-based cannabis is a more energising experience, whereas ‘indica‘ tends towards body relaxation.

The goods were delivered in plain sight on last Friday, which was perfect, as I had lined up some work for the Saturday morning, whilst the kids were out riding with mum.


Legal Growing Service Now Ships Cannabis To SA Members

For a while now, we’ve wondered when a proper, above-board business would pop up and fill the massive gap in the local cannabis market.

Well, that gap looks to be well and truly filled, and South Africa will soon see the launch of the newest member to the budding cannabis industry, the Cape Cannabis Club.

Referred to as C3 for short, the club offers a legal growing service to all adult South African cannabis users for strictly personal and private use, and will provide members with the opportunity to have their premium cannabis grown in a number of state-of-the-art facilities.


Trying to Grow 1KG in a Lockdown!

Watch South Africa’s WILDEST grow show: Freaks of Nature, with crazy loud show host, Nate Savage! Each week he shows viewers what he is up to in his Indoor Personal Use Grow, and helps newcomers learn how to grow premium flower at home themselves.

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What is the current status of Marijuana in SA?

Yo without a doubt our country is at a very interesting space regarding cannabis and for many reasons. We have an amazing growing climate and for years cannabis has thrived in mountainous regions as well as open hot lands to the north. Cannabis has a true home here and it is evident in our culture and people. The love for ganja is clear, the only issue we have seems to be these ‘suites’ controlling our freedom of life and adult sovereignty. More…

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Growing cannabis in winter

It’s winter in South Africa. No indoor setup? No problem! Here’s a handy solution to stay growing outdoors:

Many of us urban friendly home growers new to the vibe or well seasoned have enjoyed growing beautiful crop this summer and as this season slowly comes to an end many start to head for cover, some literally head indoor.
As for me? I keep growing outdoor. More…

Cape Cannabis Club is 100% legal! Get premium quality cannabis at your convenience. Exercise your rights and let us grow your cannabis for you.


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