Back in the 1930s, movies like Reefer Madness tried to sell the idea that smoking cannabis would instantly turn you into some kind of monster.

Thankfully, we are no longer in the dark ages, and the positive effects of cannabis are well-documented by the scientific community.

The idea of who is a stereotypical cannabis user has also undergone a massive shift, as usage becomes more mainstream and decriminalised, which leads us to the idea of ‘cannabis moms’.

Perhaps the most famous write-up on the subject comes from Leah Campbell, in an essay for

Campbell had struggled with various pain ailments, as well as anxiety, but found that using cannabis was a highly effective solution:

A small amount of pot administered as an edible allows me to be present and functional for my daughter. It makes me the best version of myself and I have no shame at all in admitting that it makes me a better parent.

Following Campbell’s column going viral, a number of health experts backed her up, saying they’ve noticed a rise in the number of parents who are using cannabis to cope with the stress of parenting and daily life.

There are now plenty of essays about ‘weed moms’ on prominent parenting sites, but there does remain some stigma, with conversation around a glass or two of wine to handle the kids easier to have than conversations around cannabis use less so.

The tide is turning, bit by bit, and Seth’s even written about how more Constantia moms are embracing cannabis.

Bring the topic up in other parts of Cape Town (especially the Deep South), and it’s clear that the leafy ‘burbs are not alone on that front. The Sunday Times has even covered parenting and cannabis.

See, you’re not alone, and buying cannabis doesn’t have to be something shady to be ashamed of, either.

If you’re not growing your own, and you want to legally purchase cannabis in South Africa, then you’ve probably already looked into the Cape Cannabis Club.

The Club, also known as C3, offers a legal growing service to all adult South African cannabis users for strictly personal and private use, and will provide members with the opportunity to have their premium cannabis grown in a number of state-of-the-art facilities.

C3 will then professionally package and deliver the member’s cannabis directly to their private address anywhere in South Africa.

Their service is perfect for those who want to select the strength of the cannabis they smoke, in order to ensure they get just the right amount of buzz on.

Pop past their site and click on ‘Strains’, and you’ll be shown a wide range of options:

‘Wedding cake’ might sound soothing, but the write-up says it “should be enjoyed with a double dose of care due to its extremely high THC content”.

Like I said, pick your strains, and you’re good to go.

In the coming months, C3 will also offer the option to choose in which form you would like your cannabis to arrive.

Pre-rolled joints, edibles, and THC and CBD oils may be offered, alongside the traditional flower option, for moms who might just want a nibble to destress.

You can also tailor your membership (White, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum), depending on how much of a share you want in a plant.

For example, a White membership in a Greenhouse strain gets you a 1/8 share of one cannabis plant, producing a minimum of three grams per month.

No need to worry about where, or who, you’re getting your cannabis from, and you can rely on the quality and strength of what you’re smoking.

100% legal – what’s not to love?

C3 is even offering a free trial to new members who sign up – click the banner below for more details.

Whether you’re a mom, or just somebody who enjoys quality cannabis, it ticks all of the boxes.