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Dr Shiksha Gallow is a medical scientist and doctor in clinical pathology. She is also medical director for JSE-listed Labat’s Biodata – a division which is undertaking groundbreaking research on the use of medical cannabis to treat serious illnesses ranging from cancer to autoimmune diseases. She spoke to Jackie Cameron of BizNews about why cannabis has healing properties – and what her research is showing so far about shrinking tumours and pushing people who are gravely ill into remission. – Jackie Cameron


Cannabis Strain Review – ‘The New’

The New, by Humboldt Seeds, as the name suggests, is relatively new to the market. It’s an Indica-dominant cannabis strain resulting from crossing the famous Girl Scout Cookies with Larry OG.

When we first flowered this plant out, we noticed its eye-catching resin production, which gives the buds a gassy cinnamon-like smell. Once The New is flipped into flower, the resin production starts within the first few weeks. More…

Cannabis Clubs in Europe | Cape Cannabis Club Inspiration

After the decriminalisation of cannabis in South Africa, cannabis clubs opened for business. They filled a gap in the market – getting people high-quality cannabis legally and safely.

The cannabis club model has been around for much longer than just in South Africa.

In Europe, cannabis clubs are known as cannabis social clubs and have operated in certain countries for decades. So, why not give you a break-down of the inspiration for C3’s existence, explaining how these cannabis social clubs came to be and how they work?

We’ll also highlight the similarities and differences between South African cannabis clubs, like us at C3, and the cannabis social clubs in Europe. More…

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Struggle is the enemy, but weed is the remedy.

It has been a few months since C3’s temporary business closure in December 2020. Thanks so much for all the messages of support. Please read on for some of the legal developments, and our best idea of how long it could take for the industry to be back on its feet again. More…

Memberships and How They Work

Unlike other cannabis clubs -where you’ll wait up to three months for your first batch- C3 delivers your first membership parcel within 24-48 hours after you sign your membership lease and then again every single month on the same day. Memberships run month-to-month through a recurring credit card transaction and whatever day of the month you sign up is the date your next payment will go off and your cannabis delivered – until you pause or cancel your membership. More…

Debunking marijuana myths and stoner-lore

Marijuana has to be the most misunderstood psychoactive plant in the world. The herb has a rich yet turbulent history, dating back to the oldest civilizations, and has remained the most popular drug in the world for centuries.

Weed and all its wonderous compounds have a multitude of effects and applications, from being a recreational and medical aid to Hemp’s (cannabis’ cousin) potential as a source of renewable energy and sustainable building material.


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