Unlike other cannabis clubs -where you’ll wait up to three months for your first batch- C3 delivers your first membership parcel within 24-48 hours after you sign your membership lease and then again every single month on the same day. Memberships run month-to-month through a recurring credit card transaction and whatever day of the month you sign up is the date your next payment will go off and your cannabis delivered – until you pause or cancel your membership.

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Understanding C3 Memberships

There’s been some misunderstanding on how these new membership-style cannabis clubs work. Well, firstly C3 does not sell cannabis. They lease a private space to you in which they grow and maintain your cannabis plant – part of their service includes harvesting, curing and delivering your bud. Depending on the membership you choose, you’ll also share a percentage of a plant with another member.

So how is the club able to deliver weed every single month, without fail if a plant has a cycle and dies when you harvest it? Cape Cannabis Club are able to keep up with a constant supply by working on a continuous, short grow-cycle. In a nutshell, the club clones your batch every four weeks, ensuring you always have a growing plant. This also means you’ll be receiving the same strain each month. But we’ll get back to that in a moment. Let’s first explore the types of memberships available through C3 and what you’ll get.

Cape Cannabis Club memberships are tiered from White to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Premium. The White membership offers ownership over 1/8th of a plant, producing a minimum of 3 grams per month.

The Bronze membership offers ownership of 1/4 of a plant producing a minimum of 5 grams per month. The Silver membership is 1/2 a cannabis plant producing a minimum of 10 grams per month. The Gold membership will get you 3/4 of a plant, that’s roughly 15 grams per month, and finally, the Premium membership is ownership of an entire plant with a minimum of 20 grams per month.

As a member of any tier, you have the option of having an indoor or greenhouse plant. You’ll also get to choose from a list of strains including Slurricane, Wedding Cake, Apex Kush, Blunicorn, Blue Dream, 9 Pound Hammer and more. However, since the club does not sell cannabis like a dispensary, you won’t be able to switch up your strain under the same membership. As mentioned previously, you are paying for a growing service, not just the final product.

However, if you would like to change the strain you’re receiving you have a few options: 1) Run multiple, smaller memberships 2) Pause your current membership, start a new one and then switch between them as you please.

It’s also worth noting that you can pause or cancel your Cape Cannabis Club memberships at any time with no hidden fee and they offer NATIONWIDE DELIVERY.

Cape Cannabis Club is currently running a trial membership where prospective members can browse and borrow a small share of 1 cannabis plant (1 gram) – all you’ll have to do is pay the courier fee.

To find out more about Cape Cannabis Club memberships and to sign up, visit capecannabisclub.org today.

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