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According to the Constitution you have the right to privacy. That right to privacy allows us to do what we do.

Here’s how:

The September 2018 Judgment of the Constitutional Court of South African Law currently states that adults are entitled to cultivate and consume cannabis for their own personal use, in private. The Court also acknowledges that “private spaces” exist outside of the home.

So, when you’re a part of our C3, you’ll still be growing for your personal use, in private, simply by renting out or leasing a private, demarcated piece of land from us on which to grow that plant.

You’ll also be sub-contracting our ‘growing and gardening services’ to make sure it’s AAA-grade quality Cannabis.

In simple terms paying our fee is strictly for:

• The rental of space
• The services rendered by certain growing professionals
• Any ancillary services
We have made becoming a C3 member super easy. Scroll down to our membership options and simply follow the prompts. Once signed up, the magic can begin. You can also contact us via our contact page if you get stuck.
The law states that you need to be an adult to have Cannabis in your possession. This means, like with alcohol and cigarettes, you need to be at least 18 years of age.
The number of plants that you are allowed, is not yet defined by law. The current ruling simply refers to the fact that plants may be cultivated for personal use. Medical users may require larger amounts, for things such as making their own oils or tinctures at home. So in short, how much you use is completely up to you.
Cape Cannabis Club has a number of membership packages to suit your needs. Each member may select a package based on their required amount of personal use Cannabis each month; we have ensured that our membership packages are some of the most affordable ways to enjoy premium Cannabis in South Africa. In addition, members qualify for any events, news and a plethora of exciting member-only products.
All of our Independent Growers (IGs) have been thoroughly vetted before signing on to our platform, to ensure they are already producing the highest quality Cannabis available. We have a dedicated production manager, who travels to all of our facilities and ensures all of the equipment is always running optimally and that your Cannabis is never unhappy. We utilise the highest standard of equipment available in the industry to cultivate our Cannabis, and assist all of our IGs to ensure they can maintain our high standards of production.
If you require a larger amount of personal use Cannabis each month, or if you possibly want to share your Cannabis with your friends. Also, taking more than one plant would significantly reduce your overall production cost. Members who purchase a whole plant membership for instance, will be receiving their Cannabis at a fraction of the cost of current market prices.
What about quality?
Cape Cannabis Club only makes use of the best growers in the industry. Equipment, the growing process and the final product goes through ongoing inspections to ensure premium organic cannabis.
Cannabis grown on behalf of our members, never gets exposed to any form of pesticide or poison. All equipment and growing techniques focus on laboratory quality, high yield cannabis plants. We ensure all of our growers use PPE while growing, harvesting and packaging your cannabis, to ensure our cannabis is never touched by bare hands. This prevents natural oils from skin, degrading the delicate structure of our flowers.
Thanks to our long standing relationships with Master Geneticists, we offer a large selection of strains for all of our members to choose from. Some have higher potency than others, however all of them will equally impress and serve members specific needs. We keep all members updated on availability of new strains being grown by our professional growers and are always hunting for new exotic genetics to add to our stable.
No. We have partnered with veteran Genetics Producers from California, to have all of the club genetics donated. Each membership has a range of strains you may choose from. Check in regularly to see any new Genetics we have added to our membership range.
What about my private data?
C3 takes the utmost care of our members data inline withe POPI Act of South Africa. We understand that discretion is important and manage user data accordingly.
Cape Cannabis Club make use of Peach Payments to management payment collections. We offer monthly debit orders, credit and debit card payment, as well as Instant EFT's as payment options to our members.
The Constitutional Court clarified the legal status of warrantless search and seizures on 27 July 2016 (Minister of Police and Others v Kunjana [2016] ZACC 21) and found that these searches infringe on the right to privacy, to a degree that cannot be justified. So yes they can, but only with a legal warrant.

We Are Always Here for Our Members

A legal way of getting your Cannabis, may be a first for many, and as such may be a bit confusing at first. Should you have any questions or need any help choosing the membership which works for you, or even find you have run out in the middle of the month and need to instantly upgrade your membership, speak to us. We're just a smile away!


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Cape Cannabis Club is all about creating lasting relationships, with people who appreciate great quality! Our Cannabis should always put a smile on your face from first sight!

Cape Cannabis Club is 100% legal! Get premium quality cannabis at your convenience. Exercise your rights and let us grow your cannabis for you.


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