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Cape Cannabis Club suspends operations temporarily.

The Cape Cannabis Club (C3) has taken the decision to suspend operations immediately. We have done this after extensive consultation with our legal team.

The SAPS raided another Cannabis Grow Club (The Haze Club) in October and the NDPP have subsequently charged their two directors criminally and have confiscated all their equipment. The SAPS and the NDPP have made it clear that they consider all Cannabis Grow Clubs to be illegal. Clearly our legal team’s interpretation of the law as it now stands is completely different to that of the SAPS and the NDPP.

In order to seek clarity on the legality of Cannabis Grow Clubs, C3 has taken the decision to institute legal action to seek a Declaratory Order from the Courts, asking them to decide on the legality of the Cannabis Grow Club Model. Our Legal team and the directors believe that we will be successful in a court of law and that a judge will uphold the constitutional rights of all adults in South Africa to cultivate, possess, and consume cannabis in this country in private. This Constitutional right would also involve paying a membership fee to a Grow Club to grow, harvest, cure, store and deliver the final cannabis product to the member’s private address anywhere in South Africa.

We trust that you understand our position and that we have the best interests of our members and staff in mind.

We will stay in contact with our members directly and keep you all informed of developments in this regard.

The battle for full and proper legalisation of our favourite plant continues!

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