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Indica and Sativa – Is There Really a Difference?

Nowadays, just about every cannabis-related business splits strains into two primary categories: indica and sativa. You’re probably aware of the lingo. A sativa gives you an energising and uplifting high, whereas an indica offers a calmer, sedative body high.

Since this categorisation has been used for decades, it must be accurate, right? Well, not quite. There’s evidence to suggest that we may have been duped by inaccurate science the whole time.

You may be thinking, “no this can’t be true, there has to be a difference”, and don’t stress because we thought the same thing! However, we must accept the evidence and come to terms with the fact that the distinction between the effects of indica and sativa strains is likely a bunch of nonsense.

Buckle up because in this post we’re going to pull the cotton from your eyes and explain why we think there isn’t a difference between the psychoactive effects of indica and sativa strains. To conclude, we’ll hash out how the cannabis industry should classify the effects of strains moving forward.


Medical cannabis shows great promise in treating cancer – Biznews

Dr Shiksha Gallow is a medical scientist and doctor in clinical pathology. She is also medical director for JSE-listed Labat’s Biodata – a division which is undertaking groundbreaking research on the use of medical cannabis to treat serious illnesses ranging from cancer to autoimmune diseases. She spoke to Jackie Cameron of BizNews about why cannabis has healing properties – and what her research is showing so far about shrinking tumours and pushing people who are gravely ill into remission. – Jackie Cameron


Debunking marijuana myths and stoner-lore

Marijuana has to be the most misunderstood psychoactive plant in the world. The herb has a rich yet turbulent history, dating back to the oldest civilizations, and has remained the most popular drug in the world for centuries.

Weed and all its wonderous compounds have a multitude of effects and applications, from being a recreational and medical aid to Hemp’s (cannabis’ cousin) potential as a source of renewable energy and sustainable building material.


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