Watch South Africa’s WILDEST grow show: Freaks of Nature, with crazy loud show host, Nate Savage! Each week he shows viewers what he is up to in his Indoor Personal Use Grow, and helps newcomers learn how to grow premium flower at home themselves.

In this weeks Episode, Nate is trapped in the middle of South Africa’s biggest catastrophic event in history: The National Lockdown. But he won’t let that stop him from growing massive amounts of high quality flower. He discusses what growing equipment he uses to cultivate his cannabis and shares how to maximise your grow with limited resources.

It’s been a wild ride, this Lockdown. I’ve battled with the Ph of my water, rising humidity as winter approaches and growing very high THC genetics for the first time. Also, my hair won’t stop growing and my barber won’t accept weed as money.

Nate Savage, April 12 2019|Talking About The Lockdown

We asked Nate what he uses to cultivate his cannabis, and he gave us a list of all his gear and suppliers.

Grow Room 1

Tent: BudBox XL 1.5m White Tent, from

Light: Flexstar 645W LED from Futurama

Pots: 8 Pot Autopot with 47L Reservoir from

Soil: Atami High Porosity Coco from Atami

Nutrients: Mega Nutrients from

Airflow: TD Silent Extractor from Futurama

Seeds: Assorted Breeders, all from Biltong & Buds

Ph Measuring: BlueLab Guardian from GroHydro


Grow Room 2

Tent: Secret Jardin DS120 1.2meter Silver Tent, from GroHydro

Light: QB320 3500K Full Spectrum LED from GrowOpz

Pots: 4 Pot Wilma System from Atami

Soil: Atami Hydro Rokz 60-40 from Atami

Nutrients: Mega Nutrients from

Airflow: Standard Extractor from Futurama

Seeds: Ethos Candy Store R1 from Trophy Seeds

Ph Calibration: BlueLab Grow Helper from GroHydro


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