For a while now, we’ve wondered when a proper, above-board business would pop up and fill the massive gap in the local cannabis market.

Well, that gap looks to be well and truly filled, and South Africa will soon see the launch of the newest member to the budding cannabis industry, the Cape Cannabis Club.

Referred to as C3 for short, the club offers a legal growing service to all adult South African cannabis users for strictly personal and private use, and will provide members with the opportunity to have their premium cannabis grown in a number of state-of-the-art facilities.

These include having the plant(s) grown in high-tech, light deprivation, climate-controlled greenhouses, or in full climate-controlled indoor grows. All members who join the C3 Club will have their selected cannabis strains cultivated for them in these facilities for a very reasonable monthly subscription fee.

When joining, members simply select which strain they want to grow, and how they want it grown – for example, indoor or greenhouse.

C3 makes use of a network of independent, professional growers to cultivate, harvest, dry, trim, and cure the members’ premium cannabis flower. The Club will then professionally package and deliver the member’s cannabis directly to their private address anywhere in South Africa.

Members will also get to choose how they want their cannabis processed. At launch, members will initially have their cannabis delivered in whole flower only. Soon, however, members will be able to elect to receive their monthly cannabis in the form of pre-rolled joints, oils, rosins, and other selected extracts and edibles.

At this stage, you’re probably wondering how this can be legal, and C3 is very forthcoming on this front.

Thanks to current South African legislation, the Club is taking advantage of the Constitutional legal rights of all South African adults to legally cultivate cannabis for their own personal and private use.

The Club employs qualified and experienced horticulturists who manage and control their selected team of professional independent growers, who are contracted to grow the member’s cannabis plants at the various facilities. All the plants are contractually owned by the members themselves.

The entire structure has been vetted and approved by a team of specialist cannabis attorneys at Schindlers Attorneys, who were instrumental in winning the Constitutional case against the government in September 2018. This court case changed the law in South Africa to decriminalise the personal cultivation, and use, of cannabis by adults in their private space.

C3 also guarantees that the Club will fund any legal court cases should anyone, or any government department, decide to try and challenge their members’ legal rights.

Today, June 30, sees the launch of the limited Early Bird Memberships, across all digital platforms.

Find C3 on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

C3 is also launching their One Gram Free Weed Lockdown Promo Special, so potential members can sample the product for free before subscribing to the monthly membership subscription option.

Visit, use the promo code ‘FREE WEED’, and you could be one of those who scores a free sample.

C3 will also answer any queries, as well as provide additional information on its services, via

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