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Yo without a doubt our country is at a very interesting space regarding cannabis and for many reasons. We have an amazing growing climate and for years cannabis has thrived in mountainous regions as well as open hot lands to the north. Cannabis has a true home here and it is evident in our culture and people. The love for ganja is clear, the only issue we have seems to be these ‘suites’ controlling our freedom of life and adult sovereignty.

A weeks has passed since our president used the words “hemp, medical uses, cannabis and global trends” in a specific way that had some cheering for a victory and others just knew there was more to it than meets the eye.
We could just go by the ultimate case of ‘when did a SONA speech ever produce a result for the country’ and with that we will find the underlying answers… was this a beneficial announcement for every South African or for the cannabis industry and the millions of rands that want to invest and make pockets bigger. This plant is one for everyone.

Yes we need regulation on medically graded hemp and cannabis products it is important that the produce can be tested for quality and be administered correctly. But this is not the only way to medicate. Especially with this plant.
For a hundred years now adults have had to self medicate under illegal scrutiny and struggle. Self medicating should not be replaced by Big Brother and his friends with dispensaries instead they need to Co-exist happily. It can be done.

But what did the Cyril say and what does it mean to you. The average home grower, aspiring home grower or just average stoner. Will the police still come and bust down your grow space? Is everything Gucci now? Did you benefit.?

Simply put: Yes,No,Maybe… let me explain.

The ruling from concourt still is in effect and this still gives the police officer stepping on property the authority to judge weather or not your cultivation and possession quantity is for personal use or not. The judgement is also clear that if a police officer can’t discern he/she should not make the arrest. But by human nature how often does this really happen and or even play out in such a many…

I will leave extracts below of this official document in which the ruling is indicated and is very clear as to what should be done.

And of cause if people can still not have their own personal space in freedom of oppression then everything will remain not Gucci. Despite our efforts to make this happen, we can not turn our eyes away from those being treated unfairly. Especially if we have not experienced such a terrible trauma… seriously.
I think there’s benefit for the call for regulation on current products, I’m not against this. I just wish we heard more and something concrete that would help the average joe, the Rasta on the corner, the man smoking a bong after a long days work. We just need more.

If you had some land and we’re awaiting some investment to start something awesome within the hemp industry then you are very happy that the call for regulations and permissions are being urged on. Our country as a whole just needs to benefit more, and 100%.

We need Liberation of the plant completely. For us all to use and for those that wish to make profits and gains, they should be restricted and regulated. But me that just wasn’t grow ganja and share some genetics, plants and bud with my peers should not be stopped. We all must be able to be adults and giving the rights and responsibilities, ganja growing teaches us to respect the plant and others… the greed must stay away. We don’t want it.

What you shouldn’t do is over reach and plant, just for your safety until all grey areas are sorted this is my advice. Some will do as they wilt, I am not of this cloth. But I don’t cast the judgements I’ll leave that to the SAPS officer atm, sadly. But discern well and grow for yourself within good means so that it doesn’t leave you at risk of a trading or illegal grow operation look. The stress on your person is not worth it. Trust me.

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