I don’t think your young adult years are complete until you’ve paid R20 for a bankie of actual grass from a parking attendant outside a bar.

After being burned, we switched to buying our late-night zol pre-rolled, but that’s a story for another day.

At that point in your life, you’re usually happy to smoke whatever comes your way, even if the quality is questionable, but you’re an adult now, and you deserve better.

You stopped drinking cheap wine years back, and the same should be true for the cannabis you toke, which is why it’s important to be able to tell good weed from bad weed.

The simplest way to ensure you’re getting kind bud is to sign up for something like the Cape Cannabis Club, referred to as C3 for short, which offers a legal growing service to all adult South African cannabis users for strictly personal and private use.

We’ll come back to that later, though, so let’s check in with Civilized for some starting points on differentiating in quality.


Color is one of the easiest ways to tell if your marijuana is high quality or not. Good cannabis is green, with flecks of orange or purple. Brown cannabis, however, means its bad and could contain mold, pesticides or other funky stuff.


Another easy way to determine good cannabis versus bad is smell. Marijuana should have a fresh smell that you can detect easily. Bad cannabis will smell like hay or grass.

This would have come in handy in the wee hours outside of Tin Roof.


You know those crystals on your marijuana? Those are called trichomes, and they determine how much THC is in marijuana. So if someone tells you they have some potent cannabis and you don’t see any crystals, don’t believe them.

Despite the marketing efforts of many dispensaries in places like the US, a strain’s THC level is not necessarily an indicator of how high you will get, or of quality.

The presence of crystals is one factor in pointing to higher quality, though.

Seeds, Sticks and Stems

Good marijuana will have none of the three S’s mentioned above. It should have very few sticks and stems holding the bud together, and there shouldn’t be any seeds.

You know that pop you heard when inhaling? That’s not a good sign.


This won’t necessarily tell you if marijuana is good or bad. But a well-trimmed bud without extra leaves or stems shows that cannabis was maintained well and whoever grew or sold it takes care of their product.

Just ask Seth about this one, when he ordered his ‘Candy Store’ strain delivered to his door via C3. Beautifully packaged, and trimmed, by professional growers:

Tested Products

Another way to ensure your marijuana is good is to purchase only lab-tested products. This may not always be an option, but if you can find product that’s been certified to contain little to no pesticides and other contaminants, then there’s a pretty good chance that it’s high quality.

I reckon testing the quality of cannabis could be a rather rewarding job.

Ultimately, there is no harm in outsourcing the task of producing and recognising quality cannabis to the pros, which is why C3 has proven so popular since its launch earlier this month.

Thanks to current South African legislation, the Club is taking advantage of the Constitutional legal rights of all South African adults to legally cultivate cannabis for their own personal and private use.

Using a network of independent, professional growers to cultivate, harvest, dry, trim, and cure the members’ premium cannabis flower, the Club will then professionally package and deliver the member’s cannabis directly to their private address anywhere in South Africa.

Choose your weapon wisely – these are just four of the more than 10 strains currently available:

Slurricane – sounds like a pre-bed toke.

C3 is also launching their One Gram Free Weed Lockdown Promo Special, so potential members can sample the product for free before subscribing to the monthly membership subscription option.

Visit https://capecannabisclub.org, use the promo code ‘FREE WEED’, and you could be one of those who score a free sample.

C3 will also answer any queries, as well as provide additional information on its services, via info@capecannabisclub.org.


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