C3 Launch Release


South Africa to enjoy a professional, legal, nationwide Cannabis Member’s Club

Cape Town, Western Cape, 1 August 2020

South Africans can welcome a new professional, above-board business to fill the huge gap in the budding local cannabis market. The Cape Cannabis Club (C3) offers a legal growing service to all adult South African users of cannabis for personal use.

All the plants are contractually owned by the club’s members themselves.  Members can choose from selected premium Indica or Sativa dominant strains, grown in a state-of-the-art facility for a monthly subscription fee and delivered to a private address anywhere in South Africa. Right now, they can also trial 1g of premium weed for free!

Members select their strain and how they want it grown. C3 offers the option of ‘Greenhouse’ plants grown in high-tech light-deprivation climate-controlled greenhouses, or ‘Indoor’ in full climate controlled indoor grows.

C3 employs qualified and experienced horticulturalists who manage and control a network of Independent Professional Growers to cultivate, harvest, dry, trim, and cure the member’s Premium cannabis flower

“With a strong focus on exceptional quality, we aim to destigmatise the industry and bring quality cannabis products to our members’ doors. This is achieved by utilising the best proven international growing techniques which ensure all members receive consistent premium quality cannabis monthly” says Jack Stone from C3.

The Cape Cannabis Club guarantee they will fund any legal court cases should anyone or any government department decide to try and challenge their members’ legal rights

The club and its structure have been vetted and approved by a team of Specialist Cannabis Attorneys at Schindlers Attorneys, who were instrumental in winning the Constitutional case against the government in 2018. This court case changed the law in South Africa to legalise the personal cultivation and use of cannabis by adults in their private space.

The Cape Cannabis Club will be the first cannabis club to offer members the ability to have their cannabis processed in different ways.  At launch, cannabis will be delivered in whole flower only. The club will soon allow members to elect to receive their monthly cannabis in the form of pre-rolled joints, oils, rosins, and other selected extracts and edibles.

For a limited time at launch, members can enjoy a Free trial membership of 1g of premium weed.

Interested individuals can visit capecannabisclub.org.

For queries or further info please contact marketing@capecannabisclub.org


About Cape Cannabis Club

C3 is taking advantage of the Constitutional Legal Rights of all South African adults to legally cultivate cannabis for their own personal use in a private space. C3 only offers a growing service for cannabis plants. Strains are carefully selected from both Indica and Sativa dominant strains, producing various levels of THC and CBD. CBD is commonly known for its medical benefits while the THC component interacts for receptors to cause relaxing, energizing or euphoric effects on the user. THC, also has incredible pain management properties not to mention medical applications. More information on the various strains are available on the Cape Cannabis Club website.


Cape Cannabis Club is 100% legal! Get premium quality cannabis at your convenience. Exercise your rights and let us grow your cannabis for you.


Contact Info

  • Cape Town, South Africa, 8001

  • info@capecannabisclub.org